BRANDL TALOS advises AVILOO on investment by Invest AG and EIC

Press release • Venture Capital & Start Ups from Markus Arzt, Elena Ciresa

BRANDL TALOS has advised the Austrian e-tech start-up AVILOO GmbH in the course of an equity investment by Invest Unternehmensbeteiligungs Aktiengesellschaft and its co-investor European Innovation Council Fund (EIC) in the mid-seven-figure range.

AVILOO is an expert and innovation leader in the field of battery data analysis and the developer of a diagnosis system that provides information on the state of health of the battery of electric or plug-in hybrid cars. Among other factors, the condition of electric batteries is  decisive for the vehicle value of a used electric car. The technology developed by AVILOO thus plays a relevant role in the emerging shift to climate-friendly energy sources. With the investments of Invest AG and the EIC, the planned internationalisation with a stronger partner network is to be implemented and the presence on the European market significantly expanded.

”We are pleased that AVILOO trusted in our expertise and that we were able to support this great step towards European market leadership,” says Markus Arzt.

The BRANDL TALOS team consisted of Markus Arzt, Elena Ciresa and Roman Schlemaier. Invest AG was represented by PHH Rechtsanwälte (Philip Rosenauer, Rainer Kaspar, Nicolaus Mels-Colloredo, Julia Fritz, Wolfgang Guggenberger, Ramona Maurer and Dominic Zehetgruber) and the EIC by Binder Grösswang (Andreas Hable, Hermann Beurle and Johanna Maria Müller).

The team
Markus Arzt
Partner / Fund Formation, Capital Markets, Venture Capital & Start Ups, Corporate Law & Transactions
In recent years, Markus has spearheaded various large international transactions and is a respected venture capital and private equity expert.

University of Vienna, Faculty of Law (Mag. iur. 2012)
Elena Ciresa
Associate / Corporate Law & Transactions, Venture Capital & Start Ups
Elena is part of our team since 2019, at that time as research assistant. Since 2021 she has started working for us as associate.
University of Vienna, Faculty of Law (Magistra iuris 2021)