BioTech & Lifescience

Supporting new technologies

Life sciences and biotechnologies are fascinating, as scientific and medical breakthroughs can dramatically improve our quality of life. Supporting sophisticated technologies is both exciting and fulfilling.

We strive to support our clients in the life science and biotech industry on their mission to make the world a better place. In doing so, we give our very best to provide pragmatic solutions to complex challenges, always focusing on what really matters for our clients.

Over the years, we have developed a dedicated focus on the life science and biotech sector. Our clients include globally active pharma and biotech companies, research organizations, innovative technology start-ups and life science investors. Building upon the profound expertise and network which we have gained through our involvement in some of the most prominent biotech transactions in Europe, we advise our clients in the industry on all types of commercial and corporate transactions involving sophisticated technologies.

We assist on spin-off transactions involving universities and research institutes, partnerships, strategic collaborations and joint ventures. Further, we advise our clients on all commercial transactions spanning the product-life cycle in the life science sector, including R&D-related agreements, material transfer agreements, supply and distribution agreements, license agreements (including patent and technology licenses) and asset purchase transactions. In addition, we handle all types of fundraising, investments and M&A transactions in the life science and biotech industry.

Entrepreneurs need strong partners and reliable supporters to help them navigate hazards and identify potential. We join you on your start-up journey and guide you all the way to success.
Leading you to
smart decisions!

A good idea is not enough: It is only the beginning. Good decisions are the key. And implementing them the right way with the right partners. We provide more than just legal advice as part of our “Nährboden” start-up initiative. What’s “Nährboden”? It’s fertile ground! We are your sparring partner when you face challenges, be it financing initiatives, market access, searching for business partners or a successful exit. The extensive network comprising our firm and our external partners is ready to help you in any way and through every phase of your company’s development.

How we help you
to grow


Any start-up journey begins with making an idea reality. Together, we will turn your idea into a company.

Any start-up journey begins with making an idea reality. Together, we will turn your idea into a company.

From the idea to the company

The first important decision when establishing a company is selecting a legal form: OG (general partnership), KG (limited partnership), or GmbH (private limited company), or maybe an AG (public limited company)? Each form has its advantages and disadvantages, its unique requirements and implications. The legal form of a company governs basic matters such as the scope and type of liability. We can help you make the right decision and bring your project to life.

No one can say what will happen two, three, four, or ten years down the line and which decisions will have to be made. But you can plan for the future. Articles of incorporation outline the rights and duties of shareholders. Well-drafted articles prevent disputes arising at a later stage in your company’s life. They also cover how disputes are resolved, what happens when founders leave the company, and much more.

We also help you navigate market rules such as barriers to entry (business licenses), special regulations for fintechs, and consumer protection issues for B2C business models. Leave the details to us so that you can turn your attention to what is most important: your business idea.

Well prepared for the future

Behind every start-up is an idea, ideally new and unique. Our mission is to make sure it stays that way. Together, we will explore the possibilities for protecting your idea so that it remains truly yours.


Once you have made it through the concept phase, it is time to turn your idea into a business model that works.

Once you have made it through the concept phase, it is time to turn your idea into a business model that works.

There will be markets to develop, employees to hire, office space to rent. Leave the legal side of your business success to us! How you form relationships with your customers, suppliers, and business partners can mean the difference between success and failure. Ensuring that contracts are clearly drafted and all relevant details are included is as important as compliance with – often complex – legal requirements.

A successful digital business – but how?

The Internet is the most fertile ground for establishing and quickly growing many business ideas. A slick website, good design, and a nice online store – and off you go. Or not?

But where do you put the legal disclaimer? And what is included? Which rights do your customers have? What rules apply to online advertising? And what does data protection actually involve? Our team has the answers to these and many other questions. And can point you in the right direction for successfully mastering the challenges of online retailing.

From DIY to CEO

If you want your company to grow, you will eventually have to stop doing everything yourself. That is when you optimistically recruit your first employees. And discover the many pitfalls of this transition phase. Once you have found the perfect employees, we help you retain them, put the right employment contracts in place and implement alternative compensation models like employee profit-sharing in order to secure long-term relationships between your company and your employees.




Whatever your plans are for your company, we will work with you to find the best way to achieve them.

Whatever your plans are for your company, we will work with you to find the best way to achieve them.

Once your business is up and running, we can help you tap new markets, structure international partnerships, and acquire new investors. A new market brings new opportunities – and new challenges. We will be your guide through the complexity of international expansion. Our broad-based network is ready to support you in dealing with other jurisdictions, country-specific requirements, and cultural challenges.



You are in good company
Technology is also unlocking new possibilities in law and enabling us to respond better and faster to the needs of companies. We work with software partners and develop solutions that make precisely that possible for you.

Legal challenges that need to be resolved quickly and directly are part of your day-to-day operations. Sometimes these involve compliance issues. Other times they concern massive amounts of data that require fast – and legally waterproof – assessment.

Our digital solutions supplement our range of legal advisory services and make them easily accessible, user-friendly, straightforward and efficient. They enable us and our clients to respond more quickly and provide a more customized service without eliminating personal contact and advice. Digital solutions provide great possibilities, and we are continually working to expand them further.

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Unique solutions are what make businesses special: data and ideas are valuable capital. We can help you protect your intellectual property and seamlessly comply with data protection regulations while safeguarding your competitive edge.

Secure data processing in conformity with the law and protecting intellectual property are the cornerstones of digital business. At the same time, these issues have gained a new prominence due to new, stricter laws implemented at the EU level. These rules have turned intellectual property and data into essential business assets. Steps to protect corporate and user data must therefore be continually optimized – from the technical and the legal perspective.

Accurate legal advice is essential for obtaining this protection and securing the data your company processes, not least to protect your business from significant penalties. Our advisory services protect your brands and intellectual property and help prevent expensive legal disputes from the start. Thanks to our extensive legal expertise, you can leave your legal matters to us and concentrate on successfully running your business, whether brick-and-mortar or digital.

Success comes not just from knowing the rules but from correctly navigating them. We always have our eye on the constantly changing regulatory landscape to help you navigate it optimally.

Regardless of whether the issue is a simple business license, municipal financing rules, or compliance and anti-money laundering regulations, all businesses face complex regulations under public commercial law. Companies in heavily regulated industries such as banking, payment services, and gaming rely on our longstanding expertise. Backed by our experience, we stand by your side when it comes to reconciling your business interests with government regulations. We strike a balance between the two to arrive at the best possible result.

Follow us! We will show you a clear path through the regulatory maze. We develop solutions for private and public-sector companies alike that are viable from the economic and political point of view – both locally and on an EU level. We support you in every project phase – and represent you at the highest courts in Austria, at European institutions, or at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Real estate is a vital component in a successful investment strategy. We help you make the right decisions about buildings and properties.

Acquiring land, resolving lease issues, managing properties, and financing construction projects can play a key role in any company’s growth trajectory. But real estate is also an important element in the investment strategies of private buyers, property owners, and investors. Decisions often have to be made quickly, particularly in a dynamic economic environment.

We advise our clients – whether they are buyers, sellers or investors – on a full range of real estate matters from buying, planning, and financing to managing, marketing, and selling. Our services include assistance with general contractor projects, acquiring investment properties, and taking advantage of new real estate-related technologies and alternative financing models like crowdfunding.

If you should have a difference of opinion with a business partner, rest assured: You can rely on our experts’ extensive knowledge and many years of experience in litigation as well.

Finding optimal solutions to employee relations issues is essential for doing business profitably. Let us pave the way for you.

Entrepreneurs are usually also employers. Maybe you have a handful of employees and need a solid employment contract. Or you might have thousands and are looking for advice on collective bargaining agreements and employee codetermination. Your business success rests on resolving labor law issues and building the best possible relationships with your employees.

We advise on a full range of employer-employee legal matters. Our experienced legal experts will assist you in building a successful relationship with your employees. This includes drafting smart employment contracts, assisting with termination and defining the home office solutions for your business. When necessary, we will also represent you and your interests in labor court.

The international capital markets are subject to strict requirements – a challenge for all market participants. We help you make the right decisions.

Obtaining financing on the capital markets enables turning an idea into a real project. But investing requires more than just an understanding of business and finance. Every capital market transaction involves regulatory requirements and legal hurdles. Experienced advisors who understand the needs of market participants and the way the capital markets work are absolutely essential for finding the right way forward.

All types of capital market transactions are in good hands with us. IPOs, bond issues, project financing, securities regulation: Thanks to our extensive experience in this field, our team will assess not only the legal situation but the business side as well. We will work with you to find the best solution in the complex maze of the capital markets.

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Sometimes litigation is unavoidable. Then the court will decides who is right. We find the right legal arguments, develop a strong case and help you make the right decisions.

Asserting claims in court is not pleasant, but sometimes it is necessary. When disagreements with business partners arise or agreements are not honored, taking this step is often the only way to protect your rights and resolve conflicts.

We will support your company in asserting your claims in civil court, and avoid or resolve legal conflicts with other companies. For many years, we have been obtaining justice for clients in banking, insurance, corporate, and gaming cases all the way up to the highest courts. Our client list includes Austria’s major banks and insurance companies as well as multinational corporations. You benefit from our in-depth knowledge of complex industries, legal expertise, and our many years of experience in dealing with courts and the media.

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