IP & Data Protection

Protecting your data
and intellectual property

Unique solutions are what make businesses special: data and ideas are valuable capital. We can help you protect your intellectual property and seamlessly comply with data protection regulations while safeguarding your competitive edge.

Secure data processing in conformity with the law and protecting intellectual property are the cornerstones of digital business. At the same time, these issues have gained a new prominence due to new, stricter laws implemented at the EU level. These rules have turned intellectual property and data into essential business assets. Steps to protect corporate and user data must therefore be continually optimized – from the technical and the legal perspective.

Accurate legal advice is essential for obtaining this protection and securing the data your company processes, not least to protect your business from significant penalties. Our advisory services protect your brands and intellectual property and help prevent expensive legal disputes from the start. Thanks to our extensive legal expertise, you can leave your legal matters to us and concentrate on successfully running your business, whether brick-and-mortar or digital.