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Navigating the legal side of gaming

Gaming and entertainment companies operate in a highly regulated environment. Today's digital entertainment industry requires specialized legal advice that keeps pace with rapidly changing technologies. For more than two decades, we constantly keep abreast of the latest developments and assist international leaders in the industry and newcomers alike to achieve great success.

Across the globe, online and in retail: high-tech gaming companies operate in an extremely innovative, multifaceted market. Success in this sector – including online sports betting, e-sports, fantasy football, social gaming, online and traditional casinos, and retail betting – depends greatly on rapidly changing digital developments. At the same time, these businesses have to cope with several complex regulatory requirements. Success is not possible without anticipating new and changing regulations and actively ensuring compliance. We act as your eyes and ears so you can focus on your business.

Like our clients, we always keep up to date and over the past 20 years have established our firm as a top international advisor in the gaming sector. We advise clients worldwide on obtaining licenses and entering new markets as well as conducting corporate transactions. Our experience and success in complex transactions in the gaming sector are in high demand worldwide and recognized across the globe.

We also stand by our clients in dealing with regulatory authorities, negotiating sponsorship, payment, and franchise agreements, and implementing compliance. Our network of international experts combined with our industry expertise and our team’s M&A skills make us a unique, internationally recognized legal center of excellence for gaming and entertainment.

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