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Entrepreneurs need strong partners and reliable supporters to help them navigate hazards and identify potential. We join you on your start-up journey and guide you all the way to success.
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A good idea is not enough: It is only the beginning. Good decisions are the key. And implementing them the right way with the right partners. We provide more than just legal advice as part of our “Nährboden” start-up initiative. What’s “Nährboden”? It’s fertile ground! We are your sparring partner when you face challenges, be it financing initiatives, market access, searching for business partners or a successful exit. The extensive network comprising our firm and our external partners is ready to help you in any way and through every phase of your company’s development.

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Any start-up journey begins with making an idea reality. Together, we will turn your idea into a company.

Any start-up journey begins with making an idea reality. Together, we will turn your idea into a company.

From the idea to the company

The first important decision when establishing a company is selecting a legal form: OG (general partnership), KG (limited partnership), or GmbH (private limited company), or maybe an AG (public limited company)? Each form has its advantages and disadvantages, its unique requirements and implications. The legal form of a company governs basic matters such as the scope and type of liability. We can help you make the right decision and bring your project to life.

No one can say what will happen two, three, four, or ten years down the line and which decisions will have to be made. But you can plan for the future. Articles of incorporation outline the rights and duties of shareholders. Well-drafted articles prevent disputes arising at a later stage in your company’s life. They also cover how disputes are resolved, what happens when founders leave the company, and much more.

We also help you navigate market rules such as barriers to entry (business licenses), special regulations for fintechs, and consumer protection issues for B2C business models. Leave the details to us so that you can turn your attention to what is most important: your business idea.

Well prepared for the future

Behind every start-up is an idea, ideally new and unique. Our mission is to make sure it stays that way. Together, we will explore the possibilities for protecting your idea so that it remains truly yours.


Once you have made it through the concept phase, it is time to turn your idea into a business model that works.

Once you have made it through the concept phase, it is time to turn your idea into a business model that works.

There will be markets to develop, employees to hire, office space to rent. Leave the legal side of your business success to us! How you form relationships with your customers, suppliers, and business partners can mean the difference between success and failure. Ensuring that contracts are clearly drafted and all relevant details are included is as important as compliance with – often complex – legal requirements.

A successful digital business – but how?

The Internet is the most fertile ground for establishing and quickly growing many business ideas. A slick website, good design, and a nice online store – and off you go. Or not?

But where do you put the legal disclaimer? And what is included? Which rights do your customers have? What rules apply to online advertising? And what does data protection actually involve? Our team has the answers to these and many other questions. And can point you in the right direction for successfully mastering the challenges of online retailing.

From DIY to CEO

If you want your company to grow, you will eventually have to stop doing everything yourself. That is when you optimistically recruit your first employees. And discover the many pitfalls of this transition phase. Once you have found the perfect employees, we help you retain them, put the right employment contracts in place and implement alternative compensation models like employee profit-sharing in order to secure long-term relationships between your company and your employees.




Whatever your plans are for your company, we will work with you to find the best way to achieve them.

Whatever your plans are for your company, we will work with you to find the best way to achieve them.

Once your business is up and running, we can help you tap new markets, structure international partnerships, and acquire new investors. A new market brings new opportunities – and new challenges. We will be your guide through the complexity of international expansion. Our broad-based network is ready to support you in dealing with other jurisdictions, country-specific requirements, and cultural challenges.



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