White-Collar Crime

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Any entrepreneur and officer can easily encounter white-collar crime in many ways through no fault of their own. We protect our clients' interests from providing a defense to investigating violations, and offer a comprehensive range of crisis response services.

When companies, employees, or managers encounter white-collar crime, a lot is on the line. Regardless of whether you are the victim or the accused, the stakes are high and the consequences can be serious – both in business and in your personal life. Wealth and reputation can be destroyed, and individuals may also be subject to sanctions.

We are there for both sides: Whether a manager has been accused of wrongdoing or a company has suffered losses due to criminal actions, we protect the rights of our clients. And the assistance we provide goes well beyond legal advice. Our experienced team is also familiar with the human side and advises clients in these extreme personal situations.

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White-Collar Crime
BRANDL TALOS Turns continues to successfully use Luminance for AI-Powered eDiscovery during in Criminal Investigations
Article • Compliance & Internal Investigations from Alexander Stücklberger
BRANDL TALOS, one of Austria's leading law firms, has extensive experience with Luminance's AI-powered eDiscovery platformdecided to permanently implement Luminance's AI powered eDiscovery platform in its white-collar crime practice after several successful probationary projects. The software is used One of Austria’s leading law firms, BRANDL TALOS, has today announced its adoption of Luminance’s AI-powered eDiscovery platform to enhance and expedite a range of matters across the firm, including internal investigations and white-collar crime proceedings.
Alexander Stücklberger strengthens the white-collar crime team at BRANDL TALOS as an attorney at law
Press release • Compliance & Internal Investigations from Alexander Stücklberger, Christopher Schrank
Alexander Stücklberger (28), who has been with BRANDL TALOS for many years, joins partner Christopher Schrank's team as an attorney at law in the areas of white-collar crime and compliance.
Managing Director Liability - Contracts Shortening the Statute of Limitations inadmissible
 • White-Collar Crime from Christopher Schrank
According to the law, claims for compensation by the GmbH against "its" managing directors become time-barred within five years. In practice, however, shorter limitation periods are often agreed. This is to encourage managing directors to make entrepreneurial decisions by not leaving them in the dark for too long with regard to possible liability. According to a recent decision of the Austrian Supreme Court, however, such reductions are invalid.