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Video: Our team members have their say - What does it mean to be open-minded?
We are open-minded: And not only on a personal level, but also on a substantive level. We are also open to the unknown and like to discover new ways to develop the best possible solutions for our clients.
Video: Our team members have their say - What does it mean to be agile?
We are AGIL: For us, this means having our finger on the pulse of the time, proactively driving projects and cases forward, and - wherever possible - thinking "out of the box". Thanks to our numerous teams of experts, we are able to serve our clients quickly and efficiently at any time, responding to the call for specialization that has been unbroken for years.
Video: Our team members have their say - What does it mean to be focussed?
We are FOCUSED: We always have a clear goal in mind, to provide the best possible legal advice. To support our clients in a targeted manner in making the best decisions for the success of their business - that is our mission. And this is what we live day by day in our law firm.
We proudly present: Our new Corporate Design
After twenty years of blue, we have decided to change our corporate design to better reflect our firm’s identity going forward.
The only current short commentary on the KMG!
Book • Banking, Insurance and Securities Regulation Law from Raphael Toman
The legislature has thoroughly revised the KMG in 2019 - due to the Prospectus Regulation. Raphael Toman and Andreas Frössel prepare the relevant issues together with a strong team of authors in their book.
Managing Director Liability - Contracts Shortening the Statute of Limitations inadmissible
 • White-Collar Crime from Christopher Schrank
According to the law, claims for compensation by the GmbH against "its" managing directors become time-barred within five years. In practice, however, shorter limitation periods are often agreed. This is to encourage managing directors to make entrepreneurial decisions by not leaving them in the dark for too long with regard to possible liability. According to a recent decision of the Austrian Supreme Court, however, such reductions are invalid.
Brandl Talos and SMP advise S.I.E. AG on the acquisition of a majority stake of EMGR GmbH
Press release • Corporate Law & Transactions from Roman Rericha, Stephan Strass
Vienna, 18 December 2020 - System Industrie Electronic Holding AG acquires 70.1% of Elektromotorenwerk Grünhain GmbH, a developer and manufacturer of actuators and actuator components for a wide range of industrial applications.
At which point are there penal consequences for auditors? (GER)
Article • White-Collar Crime from Christopher Schrank
New challenges: E-sports as sport or as gimmick?
Article • Gaming & Entertainment from Sonam Schima
E-sports, i.e. competitive video and computer games, have long ceased to be a marginal phenomenon in Austria. Nevertheless, e-sports are still in a legal gray area. But the wait for clear legal regulations may be over: The Sports Committee in the National Council has taken on the task of creating a legal framework for e-sports.
European Court of Justice contradicts EU Commission and confirms: CBD is not an addictive substance
Article • Nährboden - Our Start-up Program from Stephan Strass
Landmark ECJ decision opens the door to new business and investment opportunities in the CBD industry.
Safeguarding in the digital age (GER)
Article • White-Collar Crime from Alexander Stücklberger, Christopher Schrank
Whistleblowers: a blessing for companies? (GER)
Article • Compliance & Internal Investigations from Gregor Kristöfl, Christopher Schrank
The Virtual Currency Regulation Review (third edition)
Book • Capital Markets from Florian Braunauer, Nicholas Aquilina, Raphael Toman
ICLG Gambling 2021, Austria Chapter
Book • Gaming & Entertainment from Thomas Talos, Nicholas Aquilina
Brandl Talos advises biotech start-up Sarcura on EUR 2.5 million seed financing round
 • Venture Capital & Start Ups from Adrian Zuschmann, Markus Arzt
BörseG 2018/MAR - the flagship of Austrian literature on the new Stock Exchange Act (GER)
Book • Capital Markets from Alexander Stücklberger, Christopher Schrank
The new Manz commentary "BörseG 2018/MAR" is the flagship of Austrian literature on the new Stock Exchange Act and the Market Abuse Regulation. In it, Christopher Schrank and Alexander Stücklberger comment on the judicial criminal regulations for insider trading and market manipulation, which are particularly important for practice, as well as the special regulations regarding criminal proceedings.
"Cage the beast": virtual currencies in the CRR regime (GER)
Article • Capital Markets from Florian Braunauer
WiEReG compliance package simplifies KYC processes
Article • Compliance & Internal Investigations from Klaus Winhofer, Christopher Schrank
As of November 10, 2020, the legislative changes surrounding the WiEReG compliance package will come into effect. Companies will then be able to submit their KYC documents to the register of beneficial owners.
Brandl Talos advises aws Gründerfonds on its investment in the Viennese start-up Rendity
Article • Nährboden - Our Start-up Program from Christina Bernhart, Markus Arzt
Advising on the acquisition of Burger King in Scandinavia
Article • Corporate Law & Transactions from Roman Rericha, Markus Arzt
Vienna, October 28, 2020 - "Ring" International Holding AG ("Ring") acquires Burger King's franchise business in Norway, Sweden and Denmark from Umoe Restaurant AS.
Guide for start-ups
Book • Nährboden - Our Start-up Program from Christopher Schrank, Roman Rericha, Markus Arzt
The criminal liability of the compliance officer (GER)
Article • Compliance & Internal Investigations from Daniel Oesterreicher, Christopher Schrank
Securing smartphones with fingerprint or Face ID (GER)
Article • White-Collar Crime from Christopher Schrank
Brandl & Talos advises shareholders on the sale of Themis to Merck Sharp Dohme
 • Corporate Law & Transactions from Stephan Strass, Roman Rericha, Markus Arzt
Vienna, May 27, 2020 - With this acquisition, Merck Sharp Dohme (MSD) secures, among others, the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Austrian company Themis, which will be combined with an MSD vaccine platform to contribute to the global fight against coronavirus.
Requirements for Reliability in Sports Betting Law: A Comparative Legal Analysis (GER)
Article • Gaming & Entertainment from Nicholas Aquilina
Market manipulation through statements, interviews and tweets
Article • White-Collar Crime from Alexander Stücklberger, Christopher Schrank