Guiding you through the regulatory maze

Success comes not just from knowing the rules but from correctly navigating them. We always have our eye on the constantly changing regulatory landscape to help you navigate it optimally.

Regardless of whether the issue is a simple business license, municipal financing rules, or compliance and anti-money laundering regulations, all businesses face complex regulations under public commercial law. Companies in heavily regulated industries such as banking, payment services, and gaming rely on our longstanding expertise. Backed by our experience, we stand by your side when it comes to reconciling your business interests with government regulations. We strike a balance between the two to arrive at the best possible result.

Follow us! We will show you a clear path through the regulatory maze. We develop solutions for private and public-sector companies alike that are viable from the economic and political point of view – both locally and on an EU level. We support you in every project phase – and represent you at the highest courts in Austria, at European institutions, or at the Court of Justice of the European Union.